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BrewPlot 1.0 for Windows
BrewPlot 1.0 source code

What is BrewPlot?

BrewPlot is an electronic brewing control chart. Using BrewPlot is simple. First, weigh your ground coffee. Second, brew your coffee and weigh that. Use the same unit of measurement as you used to weigh the ground coffee. Third, measure the percent total dissolved solids of your brewed coffee. Enter these numbers into BrewPlot, click a button, and BrewPlot will calculate the solubles yield of your brew and mark the point on a brewing control chart.

With BrewPlot you can mark multiple points on the same chart. You can also display a least squares fit line with the data points to see how altering brewing variables changes what you get in the cup.

Why BrewPlot was Written

BrewPlot should not be mistaken for a serious project. I wrote it for two reasons. First, I had recently replaced my TDS meter with a coffee refractometer which came with the ExtractMojo software. I was disappointed to see that this software did not (perhaps I just failed to find it?) simply let me measure what I was doing and plot that on a chart. The math involved is trivial, so I decided to use it as a learning exercise. This brings me to the second reason. I anticipated using QML on another project in the near future and thought it would be a good idea to gain some familiarity with this before using it seriously. BrewPlot allowed me to learn the basics of QML and how to make QML and C++ work together.

The program is intentionally limited in features and while I may go back to it at some point, this program is not something that I find very interesting. Requests for additional features will likely be ignored. It should be considered as nothing more than a learning exercise which I've released only because it might provide some convenience for others as it is now. The source code is available so that others who are interested in how I've done this can learn (though as this was the first thing I developed with QML, this should not be considered any reflection on best practices) and so that those inclined to extend the program themselves are able to.